How to cite in IEEE format


Book with a single author:

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Book with multiple authors:

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Book with a corporate author:

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Book with no author given:

Mine and Mill Equipment Costs: An Estimator's Guide. Spokane, Wash.: Western Mine Engineering Inc., 1997, pp. 207.

Section of a book:

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Journal article:

X.I. Koutiva, T. D. Vrionis, N.A. Vovos, and G.B. Giannakopoulos. Optimal integration of an offshore wind farm to a weak AC grid, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 987-994, 2006.

Journal article (electronic only, no print version):

N. Ramakrishna, (2003). Production system planning for natural resource conservation in a micro watershed. Electronic Green Journal. [Online]. 18. Available:


Technical Reports

K. Chen, C.C. Federspiel, D.M. Auslander, C.E. Bash, and C.D. Patel, "Control Strategies for Plenum Optimization in Raised Floor Data Centers," HP Labs, Paolo Alto, CA, Tech. Rep. HPL-2006-47, Mar. 2006.


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Standards and patents

Z. Zhou, "Integrated optical multiplexer and demultiplexer for wavelength division transmission of information," Canadian Patent 2554095, Aug. 11, 2005.


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