Printing and Photocopying

Printing Credits. Student printing is currently being charged to your Student Account, until such time as we arrange to move it to Axe Cash. Printing charges will be transferred to your student account at the end of each month.  This is a temporary measure. 

View Print Jobs: Using your Acadia email and password, login to the PaperCut Interface. Your printing will appear as a negative number within the balance. After each transfer to your student account, this balance will be reset to zero.  At the moment, printing is not being deducted from your Axe Cash.  Information on PaperCut, can be found in the following HUB article.  

Student printers

Two printers are located on the far wall on the Main Floor. Both are connected to the printer name "lib-laser" and are dedicated for student use. You must log in to the Acadia network to access these printers.

For further information on setting up your printer and printing on campus, please go to the Printing/Scanning Section of the HUB Knowledge Base. 


Student Printers located on main floor