Special Services - Distance Education

1) Requesting Library Materials

Distance education students who live within 30 km of Wolfville receive the same services as other Acadia students and must pick up library materials in person. Distance education students who live further than 30 km from Wolfville may request books and journal articles which are first located and then shipped to them from the Library. (Some charges apply; see below.)

At this time, distance education students should not place interlibrary loan requests using our online forms. To request library materials from either the Vaughan Library or from other libraries, e-mail disted-library@acadiau.ca with the following personal and book and/or journal information:

Personal information:

  • name, address and telephone number
  • fax number (if applicable)
  • e-mail address
  • 14-digit bar code number
  • 9-digit student number
  • course name and number


Book information:

Article information:


Article title


Article author


Journal title

Date of publication

Volume and issue

Edition (if applicable)


Library call number

Page numbers


Clear, correct and complete requests facilitate speedy processing!

Books are delivered by mail; articles are photocopied at 20 cents per page ($5 minimum) and delivered by mail. Postage is paid by the University. The Library ships materials only within Canada and the United States. Fax delivery is also available at $1 per page.

Loan Periods

Undergraduate students:


6 weeks

Photocopied journal articles

yours to keep

Graduate students:Graduate students have term loan privileges. Renewals are permitted.

Interlibrary loans: Loan periods for interlibrary loan materials are dependent upon the policy of the lending institution. All interlibrary loan materials are accompanied by a slip indicating their due dates. For more information please see FAQs for Distance Education students.

Overdue Library Material Library fines of 25 cents per day, per item accrue on books not received in the Library by the due date. After the third overdue notice, you will receive a bill for $100 per item. Failure to return an overdue book will result in the suspension of your borrowing privileges.

2) Renewing Loans

You can check your borrower status and the due dates of your books, as well as renew your loans online. You may also request loan renewals by phone at (902) 585 1249 or by email to disted-library@acadiau.ca.

Interlibrary loan material cannot be renewed online. Renewals of interlibrary loan may be requested and are granted at the discretion of the lending institution.

3) Returning Library Materials

A postage-paid mailing label is included with each shipment for your use in returning the books. You are responsible for the books until the library receives them again. It is recommended that they be insured for their return.

For interlibrary loan materials, a Purolator bag and shipping form are included with each shipment for their return.

For general enquiries about services to Distance education students, please contact disted-library@acadiau.ca