FAQs for Research & Teaching Assistants

Faculty may delegate ILL borrowing privileges to their student assistants. Only a RA/TA with prior authorization will be permitted to initiate ILL requests on behalf of faculty.

Written authorization is required from the faculty member for each TA/RA indicating the specific dates for which ILL ordering is being delegated. Privileges may be changed or cancelled at any time.

The RA/TA will note in the "Comments" area of the request form that the material is for a specific faculty member.

ILL requests are processed under the name of the RA/TA and the RA/TA will be notified when materials arrive. Materials will be held at the Access Desk for pick-up and filed under the name of the requesting faculty member. RA/TAs must present their Acadia ID at the time of pick-up.

ILL material borrowed by the RA/TA becomes the responsibility of the faculty member. Overdue and any other fines are charged to the faculty member.