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The next Workshop on Instruction in Library Use conference will be hosted by York University Libraries. For more information please contact Lisa Sloniowski or Sophie Bury. Visit the 2007 website!


In May of 1972, five Canadian delegates attending the Conference on Library Instruction in Ypsilanti, Michigan discussed ways to share the benefits of the event with their Canadian colleagues. Within a few months a steering committee was formed to organize a workshop closer to home. The founding members were:

Boris Chumakov (York University)
Richard Dewey (Sir George Williams University, now Concordia)
Lucie Greene (University of Western Ontario)
Patricia Grieg (University of Western Ontario)
Sheila Laidlaw (University of Toronto)

Following the success of the first gathering, guidelines were established to govern future workshops:

The target audience should be staff and academic librarians from universities and colleges in Ontario and Quebec.
The steering committee should represent several different institutions.
The workshop should be independent of library organizations to facilitate "grass roots" participation at the cheapest cost.
The workshop should emphasize experiences and learning.
Outside speakers should be kept at a minimum.
Input should be sought from faculty members and students for whom library instruction is designed.
The registration fee should be set as low as possible, with on-campus accommodations offered when possible.

The conference traditionally traveled between central and western Canada but since 2001 has included the eastern provinces into the annual schedule. Now in its 35th year, the Workshop on Instruction in Library Use (WILU) conference has become the primary national forum for library instruction. The conference brings librarians together to share best practices and theories in all areas of information literacy.

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