Our People

Meet Your Librarians and Archivists

Agnieszka Hayes - Academic Librarian

Agnieszka Hayes

Academic Librarian
Room 423, level 2
(902) 585-1757

Maggie Neilson - Academic Librarian

Maggie Neilson

Academic Librarian
Room 420, level 2
(902) 585-1718

Anthony Pash - Academic Librarian

Anthony Pash

Academic Librarian
Room 426, level 2
(902) 585-1734

Erin Patterson - Academic Librarian & Head, Research Services

Erin Patterson

Academic Librarian
Head, Research Services
Room 418, level 2
(902) 585-1193

Wendy Robicheau - Archivist

Wendy Robicheau

Room 410, level 2
(902) 585-1731

Ann Smith - Academic Librarian

Ann Smith

Academic Librarian
Room 407, level 2
(902) 585-1198

Pat Townsend - Archivist

Pat Townsend

Room 422, level 2
(902) 585-1549

Britanie Wentzell - Academic Librarian

Britanie Wentzell

Academic Librarian
Room 417, level 2
(902) 585-1403

Meet the Library Administration

Jennifer Richard - University Librarian, Acting

Jennifer Richard

Interim University Librarian
Room 430, level 2
(902) 585-1510

Jason Levy - Manager, Library Services

Jason Levy

Manager, Library Services
Room 227, level B1
(902) 670-9139

Erin Patterson - Head, Research Services

Erin Patterson

Head, Research Services
Room 418, level 2
(902) 585-1193

Kelly Bennett - Administrative Assistant

Kelly Bennett

Administrative Assistant
Room 428, level 2
(902) 585-1215

Meet the Library Support Staff

Wilma Carty
Wilma CartyInterlibrary Loans Coordinator
Emily Clark
Emily ClarkAccess Services Assistant
Josh d'Entremont
Josh d'EntremontLibrary Technology Specialist
Catherine Fancy
Catherine FancyArchives Coordinator
Roni Fenwick
Roni FenwickAcquisitions & E-Resources Coordinator
Vincent Grovestine
Vincent GrovestineWeb & UX Specialist
Carol Hadjisterkoti
Carol HadjisterkotiResearch Services Assistant
Jean Kelly
Jean KellyAccess Services Assistant
Melissa Kendrick
Melissa KendrickAcquisitions Assistant
Valerie Kneen-Teed
Valerie Kneen-TeedAccess Services Assistant
Ann Myers
Ann MyersSpecial Collections Assistant
Jonathan Niemi
Jonathan NiemiAccess Services Assistant
Lori Noseworthy
Lori NoseworthyAccess Services Assistant
Joe O'Connell
Joe O'ConnellAccess Services Assistant
Aran Silmeryn
Aran SilmerynAccess Services & Facilities Assistant
Liz Sloan
Liz SloanSerials & Interlibrary Loans Assistant
Debbie Thompson
Debbie ThompsonAccess Services Coordinator

Complete contact information is available in staff directory.