Fines and Charges

Borrowers are responsible for all material borrowed on their account. Fines and charges are levied to encourage the prompt return of library materials. Items not returned when requested may result in the suspension of the borrower's library privileges.

Reminder notices are sent as a courtesy; Acadia email addresses are used to send library notices to undergraduate students. Failure to receive a reminder notice does not relieve a borrower from the responsibility of returning materials by the due date.

Student fines totaling $5.00 or more are regularly transferred to Student Accounts. Once a library charge has been transferred to Student Accounts, it must be paid at the Business Office.

Type of Material Fine Rate Due Back
General loan items $0.25/day By 11:59pm on the due date
Recalled materials $5.00 surcharge + $1.00/day By 11:59pm on the due date
Study room keys $5.00/hour (or part thereof) 5 minutes before the hour or half-hour at the end of the booking period
Reserve: 2-hour loan $5.00/hour (or part thereof) 2 hours from checkout time
Reserve: 4-hour loan $5.00/hour (or part thereof) 4 hours from checkout time
Reserve: 1-day loan $5.00/day 24 hours from checkout time
Reserve: 3-day loan $5.00/day By 11:59pm on the due date
Reserve: 1-week loan $5.00/day By 11:59pm on the due date

Check the due dates of items charged out on your Library account or contact Access Services staff in person at the Access Services Desk, by phone at 902-585-1249, or by email at

Fines Limit

Community Borrowers and Alumni will have privileges suspended if any fines are incurred.

Students, Staff, Faculty and Retirees will have Privileges suspended if fines reach $20.00.

Charges for Lost or Very Overdue Material

If an overdue item is lost or very overdue, a charge of $100 per item will be transferred to the student's financial account at the Business Office. Library users other than students will be invoiced.

Charges for Damaged Material

If replacement of the material is necessary, the borrower who is responsible for the damage will be charged $100. Replacement will be considered necessary for any item that requires more than minimal repair.

If minimal repair is necessary, the borrower responsible for the damage or mutilation is charged a flat fee of $50.

Interlibrary Loan Material

Acadia library books that are on interlibrary loan and are not returned or are returned in a damaged condition will result in a charge to the borrower of $150.