Copy & Scan Material

Things You Need to Know

Documents may be photographed with a phone or camera for personal use only. Do not use the flash.

Reproduction may be refused in the cases of copyright restrictions or donor restrictions, or due to the physical condition of the item.

The researcher assumes full responsibility for avoiding infringement of copyright and for securing publication rights to the reproduced materials.

Additional fees for publication will be charged if applicable.

Fees are charged for reproduction and shipping.

Requests for reproduction of 50 pages or less will be done by staff and made available within three business days of receipt. Payment may be invoiced in advance of the reproductions being delivered to the requester.

Reproduction Fees

Document photocopying $0.25/page
Document scanning (low-res/photocopier) $0.25/page
Document scanning (high-res) $0.50/page
Photograph scanning $5.00/image
Poster scanning $10.00/image

Requests for reproduction of more than 50 pages may be outsourced.

Large orders of 50+ copies or scans will be subject to an hourly rate rather than a price per copy/scan rate. Payment is invoiced in advance of the copies or scans being delivered to the requestor.

Requests for reproduction of video and audio will be outsourced and subject to the fee charged by the service provider.

Additional fees for shipping will be charged if applicable. These fees will be charge in advance of delivery.

Shipping Fees

1-8 pages $2.00
9-49 pages $5.00
50+ pages $10.00
CD $5.00/disc

Exceptions for Fees Charged

University-related business

No charges to Acadia University administration, academic offices, staff, and faculty requiring research, reproduction, and use while undertaking administrative business on behalf of the University.

No charge for usage fees for educational use by members of Acadia University.

Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC)

No charges to Denominational Staff and Agencies of the CABC for Baptist-related research, reproduction, publication, and use.

No charges to member Churches of the CABC for research, reproduction, publication, and use when members are making a request relating to their own records on deposit.

Regular charges apply when member Churches of the CABC are requesting research, reproduction, publication, and use for records other than their own.

How to Cite

Citation style guides include information about the sources found in archives and special collections. Consult the style guides in the Library for assistance.

Material in special collections is published. Follow the citation style for the format (book, newspaper, etc.) suggested in the guide.

Material in the archives is unpublished. Citation styles often require specific details about the material. We have created a document to help with the citation of primary sources. Please use this document in conjunction with the appropriate citation style guide.