Publication & Use

Things You Need to Know

Publication may be refused in the cases of copyright restrictions or donor restrictions.

The researcher assumes full responsibility for avoiding infringement of copyright and for securing publication rights to the reproduced materials.

Images used for website publication must be displayed at a resolution not higher than 72 dpi.

Material used for publication may not be modified or altered and may only be used according to specifications outlined in the agreement with Archives and Special Collections.

Additional permission is required to publish material from Archives or Special Collections subsequent to the original use. Often the agreement will specify a one-time only, not-exclusive use of the material.

Requests for commercial publication and/or use will be subject to charges with the addition of applicable reproduction fees and postage/handling fees. Payment will be invoiced in advance delivery.

Acknowledgement of either the Archives or Special Collections is required in the resulting publication. Citation formatting is provided below.

Print Publication Fee Schedule

  Commercial Non-commercial / Scholarly
Books and publications $25.00/item no charge
Book covers, dust jackets, posters $50.00/item $25.00/item
Display $75.00/item $40.00/item
Print advertising $100.00/item $50.00/item

Electronic Publication Fee Schedule

  Commercial Non-commercial / Scholarly
Television program $50.00/item $25.00/item
Video / Film $50.00/item $25.00/item
Internet / Digital Media $50.00/item $25.00/item
Digital advertising $100.00/item $50.00/item

Request Permission to Publish

Please complete and submit this form to request permission to publish material from the Archives or Special Collections at Acadia University. You may expect a response to your publication request within three weeks.

Please add 1 and 5.

How to Cite

Citation style guides include information about the sources found in archives and special collections. Consult the style guides in the Library for assistance.

Material in special collections is published. Follow the citation style for the format (book, newspaper, etc.) suggested in the guide.

Material in the archives is unpublished. Citation styles often require specific details about the material. We have created a document to help with the citation of primary sources. Please use this document in conjunction with the appropriate citation style guide.