Citation Help & More

This page provides information on the three most popular citation/referencing styles (APA, Chicago, MLA), along with a guide to help you download and use Zotero, a management creation software supported by the library, as well as tips and tricks to avoid plagiarism.

Additional information on other citation/referencing styles, Zotero, or plagiarism may be found on other guides or by asking your librarian or the Research Help Desk.

Interactive Tutorials

Our award-winning tutorials have been used, licensed, and adapted by educational institutions around the world. With the upcoming demise of Adobe Flash, we are in the process of re-designing the tutorials in HTML5. We hope to have the most popular tutorial—You Quote It, You Note It—ready in September 2020 with the others to follow soon after. We intend to make the source files of the new tutorials available by free license to institutions who wish to modify them for non-commercial research and educational purposes.