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How does the search box work?

  • Articles: Articles from scholarly journals available online and in print.
  • Books: E-books and print books.
  • Databases: Large searchable collections of materials available as part of large collections.
  • Journals: Scholarly journals.
  • Subject Guides: Informational guides provided by our librarians and archivists.
  • Everything Else: Resources from our library catalogue that are not articles or books. These may include newspapers, conference proceedings, archival material, theses, etc.
  • Library Website: Links to other pages on this website.

You can also use:

  • Course Reserves: Required and supplementary course material that professors have made available at the library.
  • Acadia Scholar: Acadia's online collection of students' theses.
  • Archives: Collections of digital material made available by Acadia's Esther Clark Wright Archives.
  • Worldcat: Material available locally, or for interlibrary loans.
  • Interlibrary Loan: Request an interlibrary loan.

Online Chat

During the academic year, all post-secondary institutions in Nova Scotia collaborate to provide an online help service. This service is primarily intended for simple questions (e.g. "Where is this book located?" "How do I access the full text of this article?"). For more complex questions, we recommend that you contact your librarian directly.