Print, Scan & Photocopy

The library has scanners/photocopiers that are available for use by students. You must be logged into the Acadia Network to access the student printers.


Print $0.10/page
  $0.50/page (colour)
Scan free
Photocopy $0.10/page

How do I set up my computer to print?

Before you can print, your computer will need to be set up and connected to our printers. Please read the Technology Services Hub Knowledgebase article How to set up Mobility Print for instructions. (Note: The instructions will direct you to visit Be advised that you must be on-campus or connected to the Acadia VPN to access this resource.)

For general printing information, please refer to the Printing and Scanning section of the Technology Services Hub.

Can I print if I don't have a laptop with me?

No unfortunately we do not have computers available to use at this time.

How do I pay for printing?

Printing is automatically charged to your Student Account at the end of each month. Information regarding PaperCut and your Axe Cash balance can be found in this  Technology Services Hub article.

How do I scan or photocopy?

The printer/scanner/photocopier machines are located near the main entrance and the Access Services Desk. Tap your card to log in. Usage costs are listed in "Fees", above.