Study Rooms

The Library has 19 study rooms that you may book ahead of time. Nine of these are group rooms to accommodate meetings and project work. They are located on the Main Floor, with the exception of one room which is on the Third Floor. The remaining ten are smaller rooms that may be used for private study by one or two people. These are located along the south wall on Main Floor.

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Booking a Study Room

Am I permitted to make a booking for a study room?

If you are an Acadia University STUDENT you are permitted to make study room bookings for any of the study rooms in the Library.

What do I need to do to make a booking for a study room?

A valid Acadia ID is required. Room booking reservations can be made in person at the Access Desk (have your ID with you) and online. During peak use times, we suggest that you reserve a room in advance.

Are there limitations on how many bookings I can have, or on how long my booking can be?

There are two limitations placed on room bookings. At any given time, a patron cannot have more than two bookings on their account, and each of those bookings cannot exceed 4 hours in length.

Is there a fee for using a study room?

Use of study rooms is free but fines are imposed for returning the key late. See the Fines & Regulations section below for details.

When the time arrives for my booking to begin, what do I need to do?

You need to come to the Access Desk with your Acadia ID card to sign out a study room and pick up the key. Only the person who booked the room can sign out the key. This applies to ALL room bookings, whether booked at the Access Desk or online.

What happens if I arrive late for picking up the key?

Rooms are released for use by other students if the person who booked the room has not charged out the key within 15 minutes of the reserved booking time.

How far in advance can I make a room booking?

You can make a booking up to one week in advance.

Group Study Rooms

Can an individual make a booking for one of the group study rooms?

No. The group rooms are only for numbers of two or more people.

Can another member of my group pick up the key for a booking made on my account?

Only the person who booked the room can sign out the key. This applies to ALL room bookings.

If my group member has a booking for the same room as me immediately after my booking do we need to come to the Access Desk when the first booking ends or can we simply stay in our study room?

You will need to visit the Access Desk to have the key removed from the first person’s account and placed on the second person’s account. The result of not visiting the desk could be that the first person’s booking becomes overdue and incurs fines while the second booking may vanish after 15 minutes when the second booking isn’t signed out in the system.

I’m not sure which study room my group has booked. Can you let me know where they are?

Library Staff are not permitted to relay information about room bookings to anyone other than the person who made the booking. Please contact your study mates via text, email or voice if possible.

Room Descriptions

How many study rooms do you have available?

We have 19 study rooms in the library that may be booked. 9 of these are intended for group work and 10 are smaller individual rooms.

How many people can fit comfortably in the group study rooms?

This largely depends on how much desk space is needed per person, but for the larger group rooms, a group of four can usually fit comfortably; with the largest room (GRP-313) often able to comfortably fit up to eight people.

Fines & Regulations

Can I leave the library with my study room key?

Study room keys must remain in the library. If you leave the library with a study room key, you will set off the alarm! If you must leave the library you can leave the key with a staff member at the Access Desk. Be sure to inform the staff member that you are not done with the room and that you will return for the key before your room booking expires.

Is there any penalty for returning a study room key late?

Room keys are due back at the Access Desk on the hour or half hour. Fines of $5.00 per hour or part thereof are levied on late key returns. Fines begin to accumulate 10 minutes after the key is due. (If your booking is until 10:30am, fines start being applied at 10:40am. It will be $5.00 at 10:40am, then $10.00 at 11:30am, $15.00 at 12:30pm, etc.)

How can I avoid fines?

To avoid late fees, we suggest that you set your watch, or Microsoft Office Outlook, to remind you when your key is due.

All the study rooms are booked or full. What are the other options available within the library?

During peak periods when study rooms are fully booked, we encourage you to use other areas in the Library. For quiet study, there are workspaces on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. As well, the Quiet Reading Room on the Main Level is a designated quiet space. For group project work, feel free to use the tables on the Main Floor.

Additional Information

Please respect others who are also using the study rooms by keeping the noise to a minimum and by placing your garbage in containers provided in the public areas.

Rooms are intended for group meetings and project work. Please return the key to the Access Desk to be made available for someone else if you or your group has to be away from the room for more than a few minutes. Thank you.