"Libraries are not made; they grow".

- Augustine Birrell

Acadia Libraries Through the Years

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The Acadia Athenaeum
Nov 1883 - March 2004

News articles contain notes, reports, or special articles written about (or relating) to the Library at Acadia University.

2004 March 30 Axe, Vil, or Library? And I don't mean Pub!
2002 April 3 Vaughan Memorial Library Vandalized
2000 February 2 Assessing the Vaughan Library
1996 September 17 Library gets a Facelift
1993 September 23 University Honours Wu
1992 March 12 When in a Library - Shut Up!
1985 January 24 Letters: Parties in the Library
1984 March 1 Acadia Welcomes PAM
1983 March 10 Review of Library Services Underway
1982 September 16 Smoke Causes Alarm In Vaughan Library
September 23 Computer Age Comes To Vaughan Library
1978 January 19 Library to Expand
September 14 Vaughan Library Expands Facilities
1977 October 13 Library to Expand
1976 November 4 Library Suffers Large Book Loss
1975 November 6 Library Unsure of Copyright Violations
1973 October 18 New Arts Building
1972 January 27 Vaughan Library Hours Extended
1971 October 7 Acadia Science Library
1965 October 15 Photo of Vaughan Entrance, Dining Hall, Library Openings Highlight Home Coming
November 5 CUS Blasts Library Hours
November 12 Library Hours
1955 October 8 Photo Vaughan Construction
November 29 Problems with Finding Things in the Canadiana Collection
1954 February 2 Goin' to the Library..Your Library, It's an Amazing Place
1951 November 13 How To Waste An Evening "An Avant to the Library"
1946 March 19 Library Corner - Misc. News
1944 April 19 Presenting Mrs. Mary. K. Ingraham
October 17 An Open Letter to Mrs. Ingraham
November 7 Presenting M.P. Boone
November 21 Mrs. Ingraham Speaks on "Library Science" at Weekly Assembly
1942 November 3 Library Receives Oprin Collection
1940 March30 Libraries in Wartime
April 5 At the Library - Recent Donors
October 18 Librarian Conducts Weekly Assembly
1939 January 16 Library Chat - Dennis Collection
February 3 Library Presented with Carman Letters
March 4 Library Collection had Long History
October 13 Library Notes - General Information on the Library
November 3 On Usage of The Library
1937 April A Library at Evening
1935 February The Library as a Recreation Center
1933 February Among the Canadiana
May Photograph of the Emmerson Study Alcove
1931 January A Letter home about the "Libery"
1925 May Manuscripts of Canadiana
1924 December Library Etiquette!
1916 April Encouragement to use the "The College Library"
June Photo of Emmerson Memorial Library
1915 June Photo of Emmerson Memorial Library
November Address Delivered at the Dedication of Emmerson Memorial Library
1914 February Working in the Library
1913 May History of Acadia Library (Anniversary Issue)
1912 January Importance of Having a Library
1909 December Information for Students on Uses of the Library
1908 March Information on Library, Holdings etc.
1907 February An Ideal Public Library System For Nova Scotia
June Information on Library Growth and Student
1905 March Editorial - Library Hours and Card Check
1903 January Continuation of December article
February Discussion of the "History of the Baptists of the
March Blurbs on New Books
April Pilgrim Sermons by Rev. A.J. Kempton
May Poem by Horace
1902 February Critical Look at Gorky's Foma Gordyeeff
December Gifts, Review of Prof. DeMille's Literature in the
1901 January Reference Books: Dictionary, Encyclopedia, etc.
February Report of the Commission to the Philippines
March History of the Province, Academy, and Library
April Continuation of March article
November Christian and Baptist History and Debate
1900 December Introductions to the Library for Students
1897 May What is Our Library For?
December The Library and Its Use
1892 March Department Libraries
1891 November Library Information for Students
1886 December A Few Thoughts on Reading Books
1883 November Reading Room with Journals Needed