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Acadia University Women’s Basketball Team 1930

back row: Evelyn Jenkins, Ethel Ingraham, W.T. Osborne (coach), Beatrice Foote, Frances Brown;
front row: Marion Eaton, Gertrude Phinney, Emma Bradshaw, Lida Cameron.

A Team of Stars

The 1930 Acadia women’s basketball team had an excellent season. They had but one defeat, an early season three-point loss to Dalhousie University (NS) before running up a string of victories, many by large scores. They beat King’s College 53 to 8 and 57 to 14 and overwhelmed the Halifax YWCA 46 to 12. There were several outstanding athletes on the team. Gertrude Phinney , Ethel Ingraham and Marion Eaton had been sports stars at school and continued to excel at university. Phinney, although best known for her record setting performances in track and field, was an all-round athlete as was Marion Eaton. In a game against the King’s College (NS) team, Phinney scored 38 points.

Edson Graham, Wolfville. 1930. ECW APC 234.

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