Research Support

The Library provides access to a wealth of digital and print resources to support teaching and learning in all disciplines at Acadia. We also have wonderful librarians to help you find what you’re looking for! Contact the librarians for your subjects any time; they’ll be happy to hear from you.

Meet Your Librarians and Archivists

Deborah Hemming - Academic Librarian

Deborah Hemming (she/her)

Academic Librarian
Room 417, level 2

Liam McCarthy - Archivist

Liam McCarthy (he/him)

Room 408, level 2

Erin Patterson - Academic Librarian & Head, Research Services

Erin Patterson (she/her)

Academic Librarian
Head, Research Services
Room 418, level 2
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Ciaran Purdome - Archivist

Ciaran Purdome (they/them)

Room 423, level 2

Wendy Robicheau - Archivist

Wendy Robicheau (she/her)


(On sabbatical until June 30, 2024.)

Britanie Wentzell - Academic Librarian

Britanie Wentzell (she/her)

Academic Librarian

(On leave until June 15, 2025.)

Pat Townsend - Archivist Emerita

Pat Townsend

Archivist Emerita